Monday, March 17, 2008

Review of Sean Patrick's record "INVISIBLE"

Trying to convey what is the essence of someone's music is like trying to explain why the sky is beautiful.With me,its that I feel something special when I hear it.That's how I feel about this recording.

The opening riff's on Love and Sacrifice,take you soaring and never let you down until the final note is played.On the title track INVISIBLE,Sean gives concept thanks to his daughter Vanessa.It's a powerful message and Mario's (Dibartolo) guitar burns right throught to your heart.A special note on Mark's (Sacco) powerful drums in this song.The fellows show you can rock hard and praise the lord at the same time.

On HOPE, Sean and Tom (Reock) have written a timely message about who is really in charge,and what it takes to cope with the day to day.When I first heard Don't Fall Behind,I was taken on a ride by Mario's sense of melody,he just pulls you in.And Tom's organ riff is very tasty underneath it all.It's a bouncy tune that make you wanna get up and dance.

Is It Wrong ask the questions a lot of us don't want to face and it tries to sort out the many answers.You feel the power.When we were growing up we were told we had a guardian ANGEL
looking over us, and protecting us.Sean and Tom try to convey their deepest feelings about their ANGELS. A special note is Tom's drums keeping it all focused and Seans vocal is excellent.

For my money TONIGHT is the best track on the record.All the players come together and it's magic.Steve's (Kaplan) flute sounds heavenly and great lyrics make this song A hit with me.
Our Last Breathe,,A great way to end the record and I'm sure the lord smiles every time he hears it.

When I listen to this record, I feel the joy and the love, and I come away thankful that there are
the seans,Toms,Marios,Marks and Steves out there.This is a fine recording,there's not a weak song on it.It is well written and played,and it rocks, praises the lord and gives thank's for his many blessings.


John "CARM" Camillo is a former station manager of KVZI-FM,ROI-NAMUR,HAWAII.and,the musical director of CARMS -Studios.

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